Setting Markdown Headers as default

I’m using Pro. I see how to manually set a list item (and the 2 subitems) with the Markdown Header formatting. Is it possible to have a list that uses the Markdown Headers automatically by setting a default, or must it always be a manual command on each item?

Hello @NeilQ ,

There is a tricky way to get automatic header formatting from Checkvist, but not sure this will suit you.

First, you can export your list items (selection, or whole list) in Markdown format (see ‘ex’ shortcut). There are a bunch of formatting options, like how many Markdown levels to generate. There is also a default markdown header level setting on the profile page (Enter and master your projects).

After exporting the text, you may re-import it. But we don’t have real Markdown import, so it will be imported as a text. Still, generated Markdown headers will be retained.

Unfortunately, at the moment this is the only way to get some automation for Markdown headers generation from Checkvist.

Kind regards,