Setting Due Dates Using ^Today or ^Tomorrow Just Past Midnight

Not sure how best to reproduce this bug, but it looks like anytime I set due dates just past midnight central time on the web using ^today or ^tomorrow in the text or using the date picker the dates get entered one day behind. For example, at 12:34am on Apr 16 using ^today in the item text makes the due date yesterday upon hitting enter and similarly using ^tomorrow makes the due date today. Using ^April 16 or ^April 17 works properly and sets the due dates as Today and Tomorrow, respectively. This is on Windows using Chrome 81.0.4044.113. Thanks.

Sorry for the problem.

Does the problem still reproduce? What timezone you’re in? So far we haven’t had other complains regarding this issue.


No worries, but still happening. I’m in the Central time zone. I’ll try changing due times an hour before and hour or two after midnight, but this happened again this week just after midnight. I believe changing due dates worked again around 2 am. Not always up that late, but will attempt to reproduce and post here. No issues changing due dates except just after midnight. Thanks.

Thanks for the details. Will try to reproduce and fix the problem. By the way, do you have timezone set correctly on your profile page?

Problem solved. Forgot there was a time zone setting under Profile. Must have accidentally selected Central America instead of Central Time during initial set up. Now set properly to America/Chicago, GMT-06:00 :man_facepalming: Thanks!

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Changed due dates just after midnight and verified this is working. Thanks!

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