Server update: linking usability improvements, keyboard profile navigation, attachment security

Hello friends,

We’ve made a small server update with

  • Multiple selection for copying multiple links lc (see a short demo)
  • Breadcrumbs for backlinks
  • An option to close linked tasks
  • More commands in “Shift+Shift” (mostly navigation in profile, but also calendar integration)
  • More secure attachments

The next steps are to simplify linking and list navigation even more, at least in the current plans.

Thanks everyone for providing feedback!


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You saved me. :slight_smile:

E. g., CSS is nice. Would be even nicer if it could open in a separate tab; e. g., by using shift+enter.

Looking forward to seeing the Backlink-Breadcrumbs in action.

Now, an http link in an item’s text is different from a link. Just sayin’. It happens I want to rephrase the link text in different contexts.

Strikethrough for closed tasks has improved.

Sometimes, it’s disturbing that opening/closing an item has no immediate visual effect on the links to that item.

A significant update, thanks a lot!

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Nice! :+1:

BTW - I could not see the backlink breadcrumbs in my list. Does it work only in some specific scenario?

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Oops. It worked only if the item was linked from another list. Now breadcrumbs should work for in-list links as well (there was a bug).


Hi @Ralf ,

Thanks alot, we’ve tried to apply some of your feedback in this update :slight_smile:

Makes sense, thanks! Will add it.

You can probably use Ctrl+K if you want a different text for the link. Backlinks should work as well in this case.

Do you mean that UI is not refreshed immediately in the backlink section in this case?

All the best,

keep up the great work!

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Yes, but it looks differently (no link icon). And ctrl+k links don’t show if the target is closed. (Don’t say it’s necessarily bad, just wanted to note that there are two kinds of links to Checkvist tasks now.)

Not just the backlinks. An item can appears both closed and open, e. g.,


After a reload:


(Again, just first observations of some changed/news parts in Checkvist.)

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That’s true, ordinary markdown links are not processed and analyzed properly now when rendering. But probably should as well, given that these are local links, too. Will fix in one of the future updates, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s obviously a bug as well. The refresh should not be required in this case.

All the best,

It should now work on beta, thanks again for the suggestion!

Yes, that’s nice. Saves a few navigation steps. Thanks.