Separator Line Goes Missing

There’s some weirdness with separator lines (at least in the beta site).

In the image below, each ‘demo’ section has three (3) separator lines, but not all of them show up. Expanding/Collapsing notes or sub-items causes a different separator line to show or disappear.

Hello @ross,

Do you have any CSS customisation in Checkvist? So far I cannot reproduce the problem.


Hey Kir,

Thank you for the quick response.

I didn’t have custom CSS on, but your question did lead me to look for other possibilities. I ended up finding the culprit - I had my browser page zoom set to 90% to make Checkvist a little smaller. Upon returning the page to 100% the lines appear normally.

I have now added custom CSS to accomplish my desired 90% zoom and there are no issues with the separator lines.


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