Selected text doesn't respect priority color

Maybe this is supposed to be a feature to keep the text readable, but I really would appreciate to see the set color/priority also for selected lines.

If I set the priority of an entry to “blue” (foreground color), the text is no longer shown in blue when it is selected. I also noticed that the icon for an existing note is shown in blue and I also noticed that this behavior depends on the brightness of the color that is set for the “list item selection color”.

Anyway, I would prefer it simple and show the text in the color of the priority. (I know this is a more difficult topic when the background gets a specific color, but I am talking about setting the foreground color.)

Maybe this is only a bug in the dark UI theme?
Could this be fixed?

Thanks Chris

Hello Chris,

Sorry for not answering for a long time.This problem is a bit tough, due to a possibility for a user to customise priority colors and due to the need to support both light and dark scheme.

But we’ll try to figure something out, thanks for noticing the problem.

All the best,

This is definitely not the most important “bug” but it is still a bit annoying. I wanted to take the chance to remind of this bug for the one year anniversary :wink: