Searching for in:all expands all the branches for no reason

If I search for “in:all ^now #picked #todo” I get a bunch of items matching what I’m looking for, for some reason it doesn’t match the completed or invalidated items. Even though I have hide completed items (hc) unticked, i.e., completed items should be show. Fair enough, so I search for “in:all ^now #picked #todo” to get my completed items, which does show them but now for some reason all the items with branches (completed or not) expand their branches! And no, there are no completed items within the opened branches that would explain the behavior. Looks like a bug to me :frowning:

Hello @xBergade,

You’re right, looks like a bug. Does it happen when you filter a particular list or it is an issue with the global search?
Also, the match does not occur for an item which has both tags, is completed, and has a fresh due? Could you give an example, please.

Sorry for the problem,


It’s within a list, if you look at my “Testing” list under my account and search for “in:all #todo” and compare the results when you search for “#todo” only you’ll see it.


Thanks a lot for preparing the test case and sorry for the delayed answer.
I hope to fix it soon and let you know.

Thanks again,

Hello again,

Could you please see how it works now for I believe I’ve fixed the unexpected expand for the “in:all” case.

Thank you,

Work now, thanks! :slight_smile:

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