Search result counter


Applying a search and filter, it would be nice if the how many items are found & filtered in the list.
For example, When searching “apple” in the list, I can check how many items includes “apple” are exist in the list.


Hello Yechan,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the suggestion!

You’re right, the number of matched items could be useful in some case. We just need to find a proper place where to show it, to make it non-annoying. We will think about it, and if you have an idea how you’d like to see it - please let us know.


If i try to find items that closed and if [hide the closed item] option is on, I can see how many items are hidden even now. I think it is reasonably reasonable place :wink:
Please check below.

Thank you for listening so well.Great developer ever.

Something like this (it is a sketch)?