Search not matching text containing a hash (aka can't search for Gmail links)

Say I have a task that contains “a#b”:

  1. I search “a#b” ⇒ that task is not returned.
  2. I search “a b” ⇒ that task is returned.

I don’t have a strong opinion on what #2 should do, but would strongly argue that #1 should return my task.

And this is not an exercise in nit picking ;). Here is my use case: I often have in tasks a link to a related Gmail thread, and those URLs look like:

This way, if I get a new message in a thread, I can quickly find the corresponding notes by searching the thread URL (and vice versa, I can from my notes quickly find the relevant thread, say to ping someone). Hence, I am searching for Gmail URLs all the time. And yes, instead of just searching for the whole URL, I could explicitly copy the SOME_LONG_ID part, but it seems to me that this would add some unnecessary friction.

And ideally, I’d like this to work both when searching a particular list, and in the global search.


Hello Alex,

Thanks for the feedback. Quite reasonable expectations, it’s a pity it does not work this way at the moment. I’ll try to see what can be done.

All the best,

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Hi again,

I’ve fixed it on beta for the in-place list filtering when the text is present directly in the text of the task.
But I’m not sure it will work your case, if you use GMail link in Markdown URLs - because we strip the HTML when filtering.

Please see how it works on

Kind regards,

P.S. The global search is a harder matter, not sure I can provide a quick fix, sorry :frowning:

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Cool, thank you Kir for the quick fix to the in-list search. Global search is where I need this the most, but no worries, I’ll take it an opportunity to exercise patience ;), and thank you for looking into it.


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