Restore from backup?


I think I made a mistake of alt-tabbing to checkvist and hitting space when an item was selected (not sure how else this could have happened). Now everything below it is marked as completed, and it has a ton of nested items which were previously a mix of completed and to-do. If I mark the top level item as not completed, this makes everything below it incomplete too and marking tons of things as completed again would be extremely tedious.

I’m glad to see that I have daily backups. Is there a way I can restore the state from one of them? Or is there another way to fix this mess?


Figured it out!

I downloaded the .zip backup from yesterday and extracted it. Then I copied the XML of the list I broke, created a new list in Checkvist UI and clicked “…”->“Import” and pasted the XML in there.

This saved me literally many painful hours, thank you!

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Glad you got it resolved! In the future, you can also use CTRL-Z (undo) right after you make the mistake.

Happens several times to me, especially when kids are jumping around the laptop. I have made it a practice to always keep checkvist window out of focus in “keyboard un-safe” environments.

In some ways this reminds me of the necessity of “edit-mode” from vim editor, which is also a key-board centric tool that checkvist is.

It’s also a dangerous keystroke for occasional collaborators. As quick and easy open/close is (and should be), it can quickly destroy the state of a large subtree.

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Looks like this issue could really be a problem. For “Delete” operation, we at least have “restore deleted” command which works even when undo is gone. But for changing status - this is not the case.

What would be a good solution for this (apart from implementing a multi-step undo)?

One of the workarounds I can think of is to use an extra confirmation if changing the status may affect multiple tasks. It could be a humanized message like “Press space once more to close all child subtasks” or something like that, what do you think?

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How to restore from the 30 days of backup on your website?

Hi, you can enable backups and find the backups made by Checkvist on this page. Basically, you can download the backup .zip file, unpack it, and import as OPML contents of the file related to a particular list.

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