Restore deleted notes?


Yesterday I deleted a note on a task and could not restore it with Ctrl+z or rd. Is there a way?

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PS I posted this yesterday on the issue tracking thing but now realize that that might have been the wrong place.

Hi Oli,

I’m sorry, but we don’t have an equivalent for ‘rd’ for notes :frowning:

Undo should have worked, but it is one-step only, I suppose there was another action after note deletion which prevented undoing note deletion.

Sorry for the problem. Notes are stored in backups as well, not sure if you have it enabled.

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I did perform an accidental flurry of keystrokes, so , yes, I think more than one step. Would backup have caught this?

No, if you’d have a backup, you’d be able to restore the notes from the backup data. Backup is taken daily, it is a PRO plan feature.

Thanks. So, just to confirm - notes deleted on the day they are created are not saved by the backup.

Is improving the resilience of notes, e.g. to provide a multi-step undo, anywhere on the development roadmap?


Side remark while reading this issue: Sometimes I think that notes behave more differently from items than they need to.

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Yes - in fact I was thinking I could just put my notes in as tasks.


True, if you create and delete a note in the same day - they are not saved to the backup.

Talking about multi-step undo - we’d like to implement it one day, sure. Please vote for

@Ralf Agree that notes could be more similar to tasks in many aspects, but unfortunately they are not (separate entity, DB table etc). This is hard to change already. The notes behave more like comments, not like auxiliary notes, and this confusion we’re yet to solve.

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@maxkir Sounds hard. It’s two things. (1) The conceptual model. (2) The UI; e. g., when deleting the text of a task with EE Backspace Enter, the task gets deleted (and could be restored). The same action applied to a note keeps the note in place with the text still displayed. Even keeping tasks and notes as they currently are, they could behave more similar in some respects.

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Thanks - 3 votes added! And I will go pro if this is done! It is too fragile for me to embrace fully as it is, but otherwise Checkvist is a marvellous thing, thank you.

Dependant tasks would be the icing on the cake - can I vote for that too?! (Myy going pro will not depend on that!)



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That’s true. Deleting a note when its text is emptied is not difficult to implement. We’d like to pay some attention to the text editor for tasks/notes in the near future, hope will implement this part as well.