Request: use "Customize interface colors" in mobile PWA


When using a custom color (as configured in: [Personal settings] / [Customize interface colors]) in Checkvist also show/enable/use these custom colors in the mobile PWA version.

Changing the “Selection color” in the full desktop webapp, will not be reflected in the PWA version.

This customization behavior does works for the “Priority colors” though.


Introduce consistent customization behavior. I.e. changing “Priority colors” and “Customize interface colors” behave in the same manner, over the different types of webapps (full webapp / PWA)

On a more cognitive level, having the “Customize interface colors” show up in the PWA easier identifies the usage for the user. I.e. makes for a more consistent use across desktop/mobile.

Hello @jeroen ,

Thank you! This is a valid request, but honestly, it is really in the group “nice to have”. We really short on resources, so it is unlikely we’ll work on this anytime soon, sorry. A more popular request is CSS customization for the PWA app, and still we don’t know when we’ll have hands for it: Make custom CSS work with Checkvist Mobile – Checkvist issues, bugs, features

Thanks again,

Understood! Thanks for the reply. :+1: