Request: global add item


Functionality on the non-mobile webapp that enables a user to add an item to whatever list from whatever place.

When summoning this function, the user is able to:

  • specify the specific list as the receiver of an item
  • enter the item itself
  • publish the item towards the receiving list
  • this function can be called through the UI and through a keyboard shortcut

Use current “item add” behaviour in order to place the item at the top / bottom of the list.
“Global item add” doesn’t have to be (extra) complex in that sense that a whole hierarchy of items should be parsable. Just a simple oneliner as an item (item in root of list) should suffice.


There can be a need (quite often actually), while working from “List A”, to quickly add an item to “List B” while not having to leave your current context (“List A”).

Concrete example:
When working from my “Work” list, I want to capture something non-Work related into my “Capture” list, without having to first navigate to the “Capture” list and thus leaving my current “Work” context, and later having to navigate back to the “Work” list.

Examples / inspiration

Checkvist mobile: On the lists overview there is a “Quick add” option, but then be able to use this function in the non-mobile webapp from whatever view.
Things: Creating To-Dos From Other Apps - Things Support
Todoist: Task Quick Add

What I do is add it to List A then use the “mm” shortcut to move it to List B


Thanks for the suggestion. Have you seen/tried Checkvist WebClipper extension? It was designed to add links to Checkvist, but basically it allows to add any items or even groups of items.

A demo video: Checkvist Web Clipper, v. 2 - YouTube

Please let me know what you think,

Yes I have, and I’m actively using it (it’s quite awesome) :slight_smile:

But in my setup, for the most used webapps I use the chromium “shortcut” functionality to create local webapp shortcuts (as if they were local apps). And in order to trigger the Web Clipper I have to use the mouse, open the clipper, remove the suggested URL it wants to clip (in this flow a checkvist list funny enough). This case doesn’t really support keyboard shortcuts.

It would be awesome, to be able to activate the clipper functionality with the keyboard as some “command” in a popup modal or something, publish your item and carry on.

Do I understand correctly that Alt+Shift+C shortcut does not work in your setup?

@maxkir thnx for the shortcut tip. Didn’t know this (I do use the awesome documentation quite a lot actually, but apparently skipped this).

It (the shortcut) does not work in my case. I’m using the latest Vivaldi on MacOS. On the latest Chrome it does work (also in “shortcut-window-only” mode).

So as this is a peculiar (edge) case involving a marginal browser (i.e. Vivaldi), the usage of the shortcut for the normal Chrome browser would suffice. Given this new insight this invalidates my specific request, I’ll hereby retract my request. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help/guidance. :+1:

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