Request: Add possibility to directly set the priority on a new item


Have the possibility to set the priority directly when creating a new list item.

Right now this is possible for:

  • Dates through the usage of “^”
  • Tags through the usage of “#”

Use “!” to initiate the priority picker. Ideally reflecting the priority colors as wel (as customized). If “!” alone conflicts with the actual sentence usage, consider introducing a double “!!” to trigger the priority picker.

Using “!” / “!!” in combination with a valid number (1-9) is also possible.

When parsing “!” / “!!” with a valid number, this is parsed by Checkvist and the list item is reflecting the registered priority.


In day to day usage, the #tag, ^date AND priority properties are used often when creating a new list item. The #tag and ^date properties are easily set through the shortcut syntax (“#” / “^”). But the priority can only be set after the list item has been created through the 1-9 key shortcuts. This breaks the flow (consistent usage) of being able to set the most used list item properties in a textual/shortcut syntax way.


Totally makes sense.

I would also find this useful

Good suggestion! I do know other programs do this as well.

Hello folks,

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry it has not been implemented yet, though asked first 10 years ago: Add Smart Syntax for priority and color – Checkvist issues, bugs, features

Absolutely a valid one. Will try to prioritize it but won’t promise very soon.

Thanks again,


@maxkir did you fix this already… I’m able to use it now as in “!1” is setting the correct prio.

Thank you very much, and happy new years to you and your loved ones. :champagne:

@jeroen It’s cooking!

We have to implement it with completion in our webclipper, too.

Happy new year :slight_smile:


@maxkir thnx again, been using it every day! :heart:

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