Repetitive tasks do not appear on the DUE page

Good morning, good day to you all,

I have an assignment. I would like to use the repetitive tasks. Now you’re in a bit of a funny mood, Checkvist. Because some tasks he has hidden from me on the DUE PAGE.

Checkvist and I are playing this for the fifth time. And Checkvist has always won. He always hid something. And I never saw what he was hiding.

Between events, I had 8 hours of waiting time.

I double-checked all my settings. I went over everything several times. Even before I posted here on the forum. The repetitive tasks on the website and on the website are equally invisible on the DUE PAGE.

Hello @christianhodek ,

Did you see the list of all your repeating tasks on the due page, using the “Repeating tasks” tab, as on the image:

This tab shows all your repeating tasks, both open and closed ones.

Would it help?

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The error I wrote to you, I cannot reproduce. I have many tasks in the lists. So I can’t even tell you what the error was.

The error is not every day. It is, ad-hoc. Sometimes everything is fine for days. Sometimes the error simply comes up.

And does the task show up where you showed it? I don’t know. I don’t know because I don’t remember the error. Since there are many tasks there, I can’t answer your question.

But I do think that if the error occurs again and I will know where the error will be, I will report the error to you. Until then there is nothing we can do. I thank you for your help.


I think I have found the problem. The problem was this: repetitive tasks were not repeated. I’ll tell you how I did the settings:

  1. I created a task.

  2. I set the date of the task.

  3. I set the repeats for the date.

  4. I selected this radio button for the repeats: the same day the task was closed.

  5. I have also selected this radio button. So, it is active: mark overdue if not completed on time.

  6. dr shortcut has two radio buttons: Due Date and Actual completion date. I selected the Due Date option.

The task, if not completed, will go into the Overdue section.

Example: be the run. I have set it up that I go for my run daily. I started my run on Monday. On Monday I went for a run. So I, assigned in Checkvist the Monday run task. Monday’s run assignment is done.

The task appeared after a certain time in Checkvist again for Tuesday. In my tomorrow’s tasks. So I know that I will go running tomorrow. Tuesday is here. Me, I didn’t go running on Tuesday. So I can’t mark in Checkvist that I went running on Tuesday.

In Checkvist, my run on Tuesday was missed. Therefore, I did not mark my Tuesday run as a completed task in Checkvist. Therefore, my run, my Tuesday run, appeared in the Overdue section.

And here comes the part in question.

Because after that, I no longer see the Wednesday day run. I think that’s the problem.

I think the solution is the following if I want repetitive tasks:

  • Google Sheets import

  • Checkvist repeat

Google Sheets import

  1. I create the Google Sheet document.
  2. I fill in the document.
  3. I create the required fields.
  4. Checkvist import (+ Detect due dates and #tags in imported tasks)
  5. All my daily runs will appear on the Checkvist DUE DATE page. That’s because it is independent.

Running 01/07 ^2024-03-12 #25m

Running 02/07 ^2024-03-13 #25m

Running 03/07 ^2024-03-14 #25m

Running 04/07 ^2024-03-15 #25m

Running 05/07 ^2024-03-16 #25m

Running 06/07 ^2024-03-17 #25m

Running 07/07 ^2024-03-18 #25m

Checkvist repeat

  1. I create a task. The task is called Running.
  2. I set the start date: ^2024-03-12.
  3. The task starts with the date ^2024-03-12.
  4. If I don’t run the task WILL NOT RUN on ^2024-03-13.
  5. Since this is an automation, it is function dependent. Which means that the previous step determines the next step. Since the previous step was not completed, there is no repetition. Because repetition means that I repeat what is already done. Since the task is not finished, there is nothing to repeat. The task stands. It stands because it is not ready. Since it is not ready, there is nothing to repeat.


  • I can only repeat what I have already finished.
  • The task that I have not finished, I have to do first. That is, I have to finish the task.
  • Until I have finished the task, my task is not finished.
  • Until my task is finished, I have nothing to repeat.
  • For my repetition comes after I have finished my task.
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And what else I missed:

if I want my daily running to be displayed on the DUE PAGE even if the task has not been completed, then Google Sheet import is the right choice. Example:

Running 01/07 ^2024-03-12 #25m

Running 02/07 ^2024-03-13 #25m

Running 03/07 ^2024-03-14 #25m

Running 04/07 ^2024-03-15 #25m

Running 05/07 ^2024-03-16 #25m

Running 06/07 ^2024-03-17 #25m

Running 07/07 ^2024-03-18 #25m

So, I will see on the DUE PAGE page when the task has NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

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Dear KIR,

I thank you for the opportunity to reflect on my problem. But it is a simple function. How blinded was I by what I thought was reality? But the facts had nothing to do with my being allowed to think.

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