Repeating Task: "next due: not set"?

A few days ago I created a task that repeats daily. I unchecked “Mark overdue if not completed on time” because I don’t ever need it to be marked as “overdue”. (This was my first time trying this option.) I then completed the task. Today, I realized the task wasn’t on my “to do” list for the day. When I looked under “repeating tasks”, it now says “next due: not set”.

Is this a bug? If not, what am I not understanding about the “Mark overdue if not completed on time” option?


Sorry for the problem. Just tried to reproduce it in one of my lists, but it works as expected. May I take a look into your account to check what could go wrong?


Sure. Note that I’ve already updated that specific task, and now it does appear to be working correctly.

Hello @refactorsaurusrex ,

Sorry, I missed your last answer. Could you please tell if you noticed the problem since the update you’ve made?


Haven’t seen it, no. I’ll update this thread if/when it happens again.