Protect tasks from being checked off

is it possible to ‘protect’ a task from being checked off?
For example to use it as a parent headline with tasks underneath (not indented). So to say, a task as a seperator in the list.

Hi, there is no way to protect at all, but it is possible to disable completing parent item when all children are checked off. To make it work, disable option Close parent task when the last child is closed in the account settings.


thanks for your reply.
The “close parent …” setting is very useful.

But I thought of a “divider” in the task list where the following tasks are not children (so to say on the same level). Similar to the “divider”-line (don’t know what it’s called :slight_smile:)

For example:


I would find this useful in order to structure a list in which indentations are not desired.

Probaly a feature request - opinions?

(For example in Todoist an '* ’ at the beginning of a task or an “:” at the end disables the checkbox and makes it impossible to check off this one.)

Best wishes…


Checkvist supports dividers as items with ‘----’ text - it adds a horizontal separator. And for explicit grouping, indentation is supposed to be used. As for named dividers - in which situation you’d want to use them?


I use a text-separator (bold task) to structure my taskliste by calendar-week and also at the bottom of the list a separator called “-incoming today-”. If a new task occurs I jump to the end of the list (STRG+END), enter it and back with G+left (thanks for that :slight_smile:)
I don’t ident these tasks.

So, the “-incoming tasks-” - seperator has a checkbox, but this is only matter of taste. I posted this subject, because probably there is already an option available from which I know nothing.

Best wishes, Jens

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Hi fant,

Not sure, but did you try the “due view”?
If you set a “due date” to your tasks and use the “due view”, all tasks will be automatically sorted, ordered and grouped by period: “today”, “tomorrow”, “this week” (but not today / tomorrow), “next week”, and so on.
For sure, it requires to use 2 tabs, but if adding tasks is not the main action you do, it’s really not a big deal.

Have a nice day,

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Hi Hugues,
thanks for your tip!
But this doesn’t suit my kind of processing my list.
I found a very simple way to hide the checkbox.
The task which is intended to be a ‘separator’ (no checkbox) get a child-task which is check off. The separator is collapsed and thus has no checkbox, due to the child…

Best wishes,

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