Problems cutting and pasting date format from outside apps

I’m having problems importing the date format text from other programs.

Cutting and pasting text written like this: ^Jun 6, 2024
Does NOT convert it into Checkvist’s date format with the little white box around the date.

However, this works when I manually type this into to a list item.
But If I import a properly formatted text string from another program it doesn’t seem to work.

It will show the text, but without the white box. Preventing me from harnessing the power of the app: showing up in various sorts like due items, time remaining, calendar pop-ups for later fixing, etc.

I can go in and manually alter the text item by item to get the ‘white box’ showing in checkvist. Even though it pretty simple, it’s still seem seems unproductive. It sure would be great to just be able to paste in a list, creating separate items per paragraph one time.

So far I’ve tried this with MS Word, Chat GPT, and Mac’s TextEdit. Nothing seems to work. See my screen captures for examples.

In my case, I’m trying to schedule a items for my upcoming semester of classes. I find it more productive to write up a list of class topics, then append a date once I have the topic order best sorted out. But I can see many other cases where this would apply.

I use external text editors because I’ve found they’re more productive. A bit of table/column sorting or AI driven text formatting quickly creates long lists of items with dates appended. Please see my screen shots, if this does not make sense.

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong? Any workarounds?


I had the same problem with Checkvist. But I solved the problem. Me, I entered the date like this from the Google Sheets import:


I, set up everything like this in Google Sheets. So everything worked in Checkvist.

There will be something even better here in Checkvist soon. It’s good as it is, though. I have been learning with Checkvist since October 2023. I, dare I say it, is the best Checkvist I have ever worked with. I have tested all the popular software over and over again for two years. One of them was Clickup. I, for six months, studied and practiced in Clickup. Even before I started using Clickup. However, there was also the other software that I learned with and then used. Like Wrike, Jira, Monday, Trello, Smartsuite. The last one was the best. But there are no shortcuts in Smartsuite. So Smartsuite is out for me. Because I couldn’t work fast with Smartsuite. That left Checkvist. And what’s important is that despite all the things that are still to come in Checkvist, it’s still better than the other software. Checkvist is for work, to work in. Checkvist serves me. And not the other way round. It’s a great feeling. For me, Checkvist is my right hand. So I dare to recommend Checkvist.

As @christianhodek wrote, use the date format YYYY-MM-DD
Use the import function (im) where you select the checkbox “Detect due dates and #tags in imported tasks”.

Class 1: ^2024-02-22 !1
Class 2: ^2024-02-29 !1
Class 3: ^2024-03-07 !1
Class 4: ^2024-03-14 !1
Class 5: ^2024-03-31 !1

Here are my experiments.

The dates turn into a white box when:

  • I edit the text, like enter a space
  • sometimes when the ^date is the last line. (You know, the multi-line or single-line option, I choose multi or single and the last one gets white-boxed).

Sadly, those suggestions did not work.
I had to manually paste all the class list items from a list formatted like this:
Class 1: Intros & Expectations ^2024-02-22

And then select list item, press ea (edit append), add a space character, press enter, arrow down and repeat for the remaining classes.

64 classes in all. Didn’t take too much time, but automatically having the date in Checkvist format would be better.


Sorry for delayed answer. You can import the text with due dates using the import function, ‘im’ shortcut + set option to detect due dates:

It does not work if you just paste the text in the text field, import function is needed.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, that did help. I’m not used to using the “im” hotkey functionality, will upgrade my workflow.

Just a thought/suggestion: why not add the options shown in the import dialog when cutting and pasting text into Checkvist? This already prompts a dialog asking for the format “Create separate list items from each paragraph?” I have no idea if this feature is easy to integrate, or creates UI complications, but food for thought…

Regardless, I really like this software and its great to get such responsiveness from the developers.

Thanks @reason808 ,

It is an excellent idea to add this option right to the “Create separate list items from each paragraph?” dialog. I’ll add it to the list of enhancements, and I really hope to implement it.

All the best,