Private lists for search

Hi, the product is amazing and the only additional thing that I’d like it to have is a configurable search, so when I’m at work collaborating with my colleagues and I search something the results don’t include my “private” lists, like my errands, my shopping lists o my holiday plans. Instead, I’d like to have tags/domains to assign to lists and any search is restricted to a the tags/domains that I configure. Thanks a lot and continue with this great project!

Hi @jablamas ,

Thanks a lot for the kind words! And thank you for describing your case. Unfortunately, at the moment the only solution I could suggest is using different Checkvist accounts for home lists and for your work lists.

We are considering adding a “workspaces” feature to Checkvist. Each list would belong to a single workspace, and you will have to select a current workspace you’re working on. Like “Home” and “Work” workspace. But this feature touches many Checkvist areas, so I cannot tell you anything about estimates.

Thanks again,

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