Premade templates?

Anywhere we can find templates? Figured there’s better ways to do being doing things

Here’s one for uni using the GSD method (roughly)


This is an interesting idea, though we don’t have a vision on how to implement it yet.

How to encourage people to publish templates? How to organize them? How to offer templates in Checkvist UI?

And thanks for sharing both your idea and template :slight_smile:

‘Templates’ next to ‘Tag’

‘Submit your own to’ (automate this at a later date)

Organise by popularity/tag/keyword.

A Uni Template one :slight_smile:

Thanks @patent_cournflour,

I have a question - do you use due dates in Checkvist? From your template, it looks like you organize your tasks manually, without specifying them.


Sorry for the late response, haven’t logged in here for a while. (Still using checkvist daily though!)

No I do not, I found the due dates to be clunky and I could never get them to integrate properly with gCal. I use for my ‘ToDo list’ type stuff. Despite the name, What Checkvist is best at, is not simple todo lists for organisation. It’s organising vast amounts of data in clean structures allowing easy navigation and searching.

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