Pomodoro to focus


Checkvist is a wonderful tool. I use it to manage all things I want to do, not to forget them, also to order / plan them.
And what if it could also help you to focus on what you planned to do?
Pomodoro is a “time management method” that may help you to reach your goals / do the tasks you planned to do.
Do you think that this kind of feature would have its place in checkvist please?

@maxkir @sashka, is it something that you would accept to implement please?

Thank you,

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Hello @Hugues,

Thanks for the interesting question. We have the Pomodoro-style time tracking request in the Uservoice for some time already. So far, it does not quite look very popular.

Personally, I use Pomodoro technique for myself from time to time. In most cases, I use it just to focus, and not to actually track time and to associate the time spent with particular tasks. The technique itself is very good, at least it works for me.

But I never felt the need to add time tracking to Checkvist directly, I use a separate apps for that (and I never track time for particular tasks). My current favorite app is Forrest.

If we add time tracking to Checkvist, the next logical step would be compare estimated time with actually spent time, some reporting and so on. Would most Checkvist users benefit from this? So far, not so sure.

Hope I answered your question, though probably not quite in the way you expect :slight_smile:


Hi @maxkir,

Thanks for the answer!
It’s interesting. I fully understand the point regarding the time tracking / reporting. And I also thought about it when sending my post.
But my main thought was about not having many tools.

Some days ago, I tried this “app”: https://pomodoro-tracker.com/
I don’t really use it to track the time I spend on tasks, but mainly to be focused, as you said. But as I don’t really want to have many applications, I copied the tasks I expected to do in the next hours in this tool, not to always switch from checkvist to the pomodoro (yeah, I’m too lazy to switch from a browser tab to another…).
That’s why I thought about having pomodoro integrated in Checkvist.

But… I fully understand your opinion! I’ll be happy if one day checkvist has a “pomodoro” feature. Meanwhile I’ll just use both.

Thank you.

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