Persistent login error on the forum

The password for the chrome 3 website is saved with the same password. These websites are:,,

The problem is that I can’t log in this way. The same password will not be accepted for three websites.

Hello @christianhodek ,

Please check caps-lock key or keyboard layout language. We did not do any relevant changes recently.
If it won’t help, try “Restore password” function.

Hope this helps,

It’s a Chrome password manager limitation.

One workaround is to use three different user IDs, another is to choose the same password for the three subdomains.

If you are using Gmail addresses as IDs, you can add +subdomain at the end. and go to the same mailbox but might be treated as separate for password-remembering purposes.

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I’m using Gsute with

Thanks for your ideas.


Thanks. No worry, I’ll use forgot password.