Performance of long lists

I wanted to ask how long lists affect the loading times.

My to-do lists are getting longer day by day. I usually hide the completed tasks, but that doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on load times - does it?

List loading times are especially an issue when I want to quickly switch back and forth between different lists.

For a list with about 4000 entries, the page loads for about 8 seconds.

I myself have a fast internet connection (about 120 Mbps) and a PC with Ryzen Threadripper 1920x with 32 GB RAM. So it should not be caused by my system.

This mainly concerns my lists of “tasks” that are constantly growing. I also don’t want to permanently delete the completed tasks, as they may still provide important information at a later time and are, after all, a kind of “log”.

Possible solution?
I was thinking that it might be possible to “unload” the completed tasks of a list - similar to hide/unhide them to load/unload them. In other words, save them in a form that still allows access to these entries but does not affect the performance of the current list.

Would this be useful or are there other ways to keep long lists fast?


I’m a beginner with Checkvist so my opinion is not very authorative.

I am finding that Checkvist takes a while to open but the search remains fast. If yours is similar you might just live with it.

Another option seems to be to send to a new list. Show all then create a sublist of the old transactions. Press shift shift and “move to…” I believe that the initial opening is usually for a single list. Again I’m a beginner and it may not help.

Hello Chris,

Overall, this is an unsolved issue yet. I hope, we’ll improve the situation this year, but closer to Q4, it is tough. See my further comments below.

Unfortunately, no. But if you collapse a node, it reduces the time of the first list loading as it does not render items which are collapsed. So if you have all items on the top level, it will be slower than if you have them in collapsed sub-nodes.

Maybe having lists open in different tabs could help. You might create an “Old” list which would contain items you don’t need anymore. And check this list (or use global search) if you need some older stuff.

Kind regards,

My lists also tend to grow. Once, a list was approaching 10.000 list items. I decided to restart – with a reorganization, which is refreshing from time to time anyway.

I keep those large lists open all the time and avoid gg. I’m also using the “old” list approach. List items are moved in a review process. Primary organization is by priorities, project, process, and date. In the “old” list by completion date.

I dealt with this simply by creating a list called “Archive” that I basically never open. Why slow down your everyday behavior with something you might only reference a couple of times… ever?

That’s good news. I hope you can come up with a clever solution.

Until we have an improvement, I think I will get into the habit of moving “done” items to a different “archive” list instead of marking them done.