Performance enhancements

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If you have large lists, may I ask you to compare performance of page loading for those lists on and We believe the latter should work noticeably faster, but we’d like to see if it is noticeable without explicit measurements.

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Yes, to me it seems to be faster. about 3 to 4 seconds to load my longest list on the Live site (2687 tasks on this list). And about 2 to 3 Seconds on the beta.

Also Expanding the whole list goes also 1/3 faster approximately.

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It seems faster, especially once cached. The first time load wasn’t significantly faster than before, but once my long list was loaded, then switching between lists reloaded the long list much faster. Thanks!

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I loaded my largest list in both with chrome dev tools open.
In normal prod site it loaded in 13.85s.
In beta it loaded in 9.10s.

This list is 12,325 lines when exported.

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About 2-3 times faster for me in search and expanding.

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My results were similar to Shaun’s.

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Hello friends!

Thanks a lot for testing! Looks like we have about 25% improvement.
We’ll make some other fixes and hope to move this to production soon.

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