Payments via fastspring

Dear Kirsa and Shasha
Thanks for Checkvist. Helps us maintain some semblance of sanity :grinning:

There’s just a little thing that we’d like to address if possible

  • Our three monthly payment comes up
  • We normally pay with a low balance card for online payments
  • Everything is sweet so far
  • We strike a time when the balance is low on the card
  • Fastspring cancels our account and send us an email:

Hi Mike and,

We had trouble processing your payment. Your Checkvist PRO, 3 month subscription subscription has now expired due to non-payment.

Please go to Checkvist for more details.

  • We go to that link and it shows a list of payments, but there is no way of making the payment.
  • When we try to reset our fastspring password there is no response

This is mainly our problem but we wonder if one of these options might ease things for other users

  • Is there someway we could manage the issue ourselves from inside the checkvist account
  • Is it possible to have a straight forward way of accessing our card details so that we can add another card if needed

Any tips or suggestions welcome
Thanks again for Checkvist
Kindest regards

Hello Mike,

Sorry for the trouble with payments.

In our records, your primary account is handled by PayPal, not by FastSpring, and it is well and healthy :slight_smile:

We used PayPal as a payment processor before we introduced Fastspring, and still support it for old subscriptions.

You also had an extra FastSpring PRO account for a couple of more users, but this PRO account has expired and canceled in 2016.

So basically these days, you should not receive Fastspring emails (or you have another PRO account which I did not find).

Anyway, you may want to forward the e-mail from Fastspring to us, so we could try to handle this.


Hi Kir!
Mystery solved. Looks like on closer inspection that it was for the older cancelled account and maybe the FastSpring people just want like keeping in touch. :grinning: . We’ll ignore those messages. Everything’s sweet here and hope with you and your family also.

Thanks very much for checking up for us. Just let us know if it can help your workload by shunting us on to your currently preferred payment arrangement.

Stay safe. There are a lot of people on the planet that can’t live without you :grinning:

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Glad it is solved now :slight_smile:

No need to migrate to Fastspring, PayPal is totally fine for us, too, given that you’re not in Europe.

All the best, and stay safe, too :slight_smile: