Pages Do Not Load, Excessive Load Times as of August 30, 2022

For the last few days, we have not been able to access our Checkvist pages, or the load times can be over one minute for a list.

Our internet connection is fine, 60 MBPS download speed.

Is there something up with the Checkvist servers? I use Checkvist for managing my business and this is a problem for me.



I noticed this issue today. Once the initial load is done it is fine. But immediately after log-on there is a delay of around a minute.


Sorry for the problem.

Could you please tell at what time do you observe the problem? Does it repeat if you log out and log in back?


The problem happens day or night on certain checklists.

This list, for example, is not able to be opened at any time for the last two days, it shows the title and then just hangs. This list is public, so you can see what I am saying, even though the forum says it requires login, it does not. But in regards to the actual list, it is not loading on any device on our end.

Hello David,

This list loads fine for me, if use its public URL Chris / GG List - outlined in Checkvist

To access the list using the URL you posted above, the list should be made indexable by search engines (can be set in the sharing options of the list).

Have you tried clearing browser caches to open the list? Which browser do you use?


The public list loaded quickly for me and I am not having the problem with my own lists now.

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