Order of items on due page / undefined and not urgent (task to do at SOME point in the future)

Hi, I would like to change the order of items on the due page. I use ASAP tasks for stuff that has no defined due date and is not very urgent. That’s why I would like to have it at the very bottom of the page.
Another approach would be to introduce a new category (same handling as ASAP) that reflects that: SOmething that you don’t want missing on the due page but can be done at SOME or ANY time in the future.


Hello Sergej,

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think we will add a new category but we might add an option to show ASAP tasks at the bottom.

We have a request to add another “someday” category, but probably the solution with the option is more simple.

Another, different approach, would be to add a separate “ASAP” tab, nearby “Due now” in navigation.

So far, as a workaround, you can collapse the “ASAP” node, the collapsed state should be preserved across page reloads.

Thanks again,

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Hi Kir,

thanks for your consideration!

btw: keep it up, checkvist is awesome! read about the struggle yesterday in one of your posts. don’t get distracted, pls. your product fills an important niche on the market!

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