Option to make Zen mode default?

do you see a chance to set the Zen mode somehow as the default mode for lists?

I customized Zen mode to my liking and found myself using it exclusively for nearly all my lists. It’s not that hard to type OM, but doing it multiple times a day made me think asking for a default option.

Thank you for considering

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Agree. I almost exclusively use the Zen mode.
Once you are used to Zen-mode, the other one is very jarring.

?zen = true would help?

I have some sites / services that I open every day and, to make it easier, they are in a Google Chrome bookmark folder. Regarding Checkvist, the URL I use is this: https://checkvist.com/checklists/xxxxxx?zen=true

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Thank, that’s a great tip I can definitely use in some situations.

But most of the time I make extensive use of focused lists and open lists / sublists / links to tasks in new tabs. So unfortunately, my main usecase is not covered.

I have exactly the same way of working and suffer from this very issue.

The workaround I use is to preopen some browser tabs to checkvist in zen mode and open my new links to lists/sublists in those tabs. That makes sure that they also open in zen mode.

Folks, please check how it works on https://beta.checkvist.com - the ZenMode should be kept on lists pages and on due pages, even if opened in the new tab.

Is it better this way?


Wow, great :+1:

I tried some typical scenarios and switched between tasks / lists and so on …
… and the zen mode was remembered :blush:


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This is so nice! Thanks!

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