One Great feature I'have just discovered in Checkvist!

Hello ! Maybe the documentation already covered it but I randomly discovered a GREAT feature on android, that actually allow to fix a major issue for me with Checkvist on android :joy:

When you long-press the Checkvist Icon in order to add a shortcut on you phone Dashboard, you have the possibility to add a “normal Checkvist shortcut” or a “ADD A TASK” shortcut.

The second one looks new to me, isn’t it ?

It is Great since it allow a very Quick Task collection !

Hi, at some point we’ve added ‘tap-and-hold’ menu item for Checkvist mobile app which allows to open not the main app but a quick add page. Don’t remember when/if we announced it widely, glad you find it useful :slight_smile:


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@Thomas_Girard, can you share a screenshot of what you mean? When I long press the Checkvist icon, I get the Quick Add feature which was already there before. It would be cool to add a “Add a Task” shortcut to my home screen so I only have to tap once, but I don’t see that option.

Hello ! Here is a quick video recording on how to do it !


@Thomas_Girard That’s pretty cool! Thank you for recording the video so we can all understand what you meant. I now have a Quick Add button on my home screen. It would be even cooler if we could create several Quick Add buttons and have each one default to a different list. :smile:

Bug report: I did the quick add trick on my Android phone, and saw that I could include attachments. I included five attachments, and ended up with seven copies of the same item, shown here on Chrome:

Helllo ! I confirm. I did it to test. I received each time 2 Tasks with attachment instead of 1. (In my case 2 task and not 5). I have repeated the process twice and had the same issue twice.