Offline support

It would be nice to use Checkvist offline.

It is already possible with the mobile app -, but not with the main Web-app.

This is especially critical for a global user base. Even with a great local internet connection here in Indonesia, initial launch of the web app is very slow (30 - 90 seconds), which really affects usability. Caching in local storage or the like would be a game changer and be enough to motivate purchasing a pro subscription for me.

Hello @bilalbox ,

Thanks for your comment. After the initial load of the app in your case, how long does it take to open the app the second time? I’m asking because we already have some caching in place for subsequent loads. Could you share some specific numbers for the most painful pages for you?

Thank you,

Hey maxkir,

Good point! Subsequent loads on a good day (like today) typically take around 10 seconds, so it becomes usable much faster (i.e. ~10 seconds). Here’s a visualization of my HTTP archive showing the loading times for the various endpoints needed to load the main checklists page:

In general it seems like the longest load times are around /auth/user_prefs/fresh_updates_ver/ and /checklists/partial/mainListSection/

I think we’re both driving at the same thing, which if there’s a way to make the application interactive based on cached data while loading the slow-loading elements in the background, it will really feel like a local app…

Hello Nasir, could you please create a HAR file from the page load and send it to This would better help to figure out the main pain points. Also, can we take a look into your account?

Thank you,