Notes not imported as notes

When exporting a list as “Plain text (tabs)”, with the “include notes” option checked, the result is like this:

pmurillo’s note: La caída del tejido habitual.

Unfortunately, when importing that same text file, the notes are not converted to notes.

Would it be possible to get them imported as proper notes?

In my list, I have headings that have an space between the “##” characters and the text. For example: ## Posición. Those headings are lost when importing. It does not happen if you don’t leave the extra space: ##Posición heading is preserved when importing.


Unfortunately, text-based import/export does not guarantee data compatibility. The only format where Checkvist ensures that exported data will be exported back, including all details - OPML.

Could you tell, what are you trying to achieve with two-directional text-based import/export?


Hi, Kirill,

Thanks a lot for replying

I’m working on a product configuration wizard where groups of options are only displayed when an option has been selected in a previous group.

The multiple relationships between groups of options and options quickly becomes very complex and checkvist is a wonder to help me visualize them.

So much I was thinking of exporting the data from the SQL server database where this information is housed in a format that checkvist would read.

That’s why I’ve tried exporting and importing text with indentations, which would be the easiest format for me. Everything works correctly, except that the notes are not assigned to the user who created them. The note is there, but preceded by the “pmurillo’s note:”, instead of by the usual gravatar icon assigned to my username.

I have tested OPML and it works correctly. Too bad it’s a little complex for the data export I had in mind.

On the other hand, I want to congratulate you because checkvist is an extraordinary outliner and a delight to use.

Over the years, I’ve tried all the outliners I’ve found, both web-based: workflowly, dynalist, and desktop-based (Mac): More, Omnioutliner, Tree, Outlinely.

None of them have given me the joy and satisfaction I’m getting with Checkvist.

Checkvist is a dream come true because of its simplicity, its keyboard-centric approach and its extensive list of features. Thank you very much for creating it for us.

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Hello Pedro,

Thanks a lot for such kind words about Checkvist, we really appreciate that. It sounds really like a great testimonial :slight_smile:
And sorry for not answering earlier, we were a bit busy with making the recent update, maybe it would be useful for you too.

All the best,