Notes moving around

Things from the middle of my list appear at the top. This includes notes that are indented several levels.

Still can see how this is occurring. I use home and shift+left frequently but cannot replicate this deliberately. My list is quite long.

Wonder if anyone else has seen the same problem?

This was happening to me a lot somewhat recently, and I eventually figured out that it was because I was typing “Ctrl+Home”. I think instinctively I was thinking that Ctrl+Home should scroll all the way to the top. However, this key combination not only does that, but also moves the current item all the way to the top. I’ve since learned to be very careful to only use the “Home” key to scroll to the top. Normally in text editors, Ctrl+Home would scroll to the top, but not move any text. Checkvist does document the keyboard shortcuts here: Checkvist help/reference
I hope this helps.

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I can re-produce it and ctrl+home is something I use in Excel, web pages, etc. This has cleared a creeping doubt about Checkvist. With a little more attention, I should be fine. Thank you very much.

Perhaps the devs might want to step in to prevent other users doing the same? Sorry I’m sure you have a lot to do like everyone else and this is not important for me, now it’s understood.

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After using Checkvist for some years this still bites me now and then - ctrl-Home is used frequently enough elsewhere to be a little burned-in to my neural pathways. I wouldn’t be sorry to see this shortcut be removed.

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Agree crispinb.

My immediate response was “don’t like ctrl+home.” On reflection I can see it could possibly be useful. I use Checkvist for a lot of purposes including a knowledgebase. Perhaps if I were to note a telephone conversion whilst deep in the knowlegebase, I could return to the editing that I was doing and then sling the telephone conversation to the top of the list for subsequent processing. However I generally use my employer’s slow CRM system or pen and paper. I don’t think it is fair to my employer to use a third party app for client related details which in my case could be private server related details. I think I’ll stick with “don’t like ctrl+home” in Checkvist and I was seriously beginning to worry that Checkvist was broken until Michael stepped in. Additionally ctrl+up and ctrl+down moves things around fast enough, even in a large list.

I’d love there to be an option to remove this. I’ve been using Checkvist for years, but still find myself throwing tasks to the top of the list in error. The standard meaning of ctrl+home is just too automatic for me now.

If it can’t be removed or made optional, at least making the move-to-top undoable would help.

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There is a hack which disables ctrl+home behaviour:

  1. Open Checkvist in browser
  2. Open Javascript console in the Checkvist browser window
  3. Type the command localStorage.setItem("cv.disable.ctrlHome", true) Enter

That’s it. If you want to bring Ctrl+Home behaviour back, use the command localStorage.removeItem("cv.disable.ctrlHome")

Maybe this would help.

Best regards,

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Yes that definitely helps. Thanks!