"Notes and attachment" item suddenly opens without warning


I have now seen this happen several times. The “notes and attachments” item suddenly opens up and I need to explicitly close them.
I would like it to be closed away (as it is by default) unless explicitly opened.

Any idea what could be causing this erratic behaviour (have not found an easy and systematic way to reproduce it, though I face it coupla times everyday)


I’ve seen it happen too.

Guys, I’d really appreciate if you notice how to reproduce this problem. Checkvist may expand note when filtering by text, not sure about other cases.


Hi Kir,

For what it’s worth, it most likely occurs on pages which have a filter active, and those pages undergo a refresh (e.g. due to new items getting added/removed that match the filter criteria).

Would this ring a bell?


Hi Kir,

I have finally managed to figure out steps to reproduce for this issue. Hope this will help nail down the root-cause.

  1. Create a list item with the following structure.
    Basically a parent item with a note attached to it and a bunch of child items

  2. Collapse the Note from the parent (hide notes)

  3. Now hoist the parent item

  4. In a separate window, try to modify this list (e.g. delete child)

  5. The hoisted parent now refreshes (with the child removed), but also with its Notes expanded suddenly for no reason. (i.e. it does not respect the fact that the Note was hidden)

The above behaviour only happens in cases the parent item is hoisted, not otherwise.

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Hello @saurabhg9,

Thanks for details describing the issue and sorry for a delay with the answer.
I’ve fixed it, deployed to https://beta.checkvist.com. Hope it will work better now :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

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Thanks Kir - now it works perfect!

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