Note for an Extracted List Item gets lost in extraction -- maybe it's a bug?

When I extract an item to be its own list, the note seems to get lost. Can lists themselves have notes? If not, could be handy.

Hello @nutellacrepe ,

Thanks for the suggestion. We plan to add notes to the whole list, but we have not prioritized this task yet: Long desc on list – Checkvist issues, bugs, features

What would you use such notes for? By the way, take a look at how one can use usual list items to add a description for the list: Learning about Learning - outlined in Checkvist

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Hi There,

The example from the Coursera course is useful. Also, the outlined content is also useful.

I could see a list-note appearing in the summary of lists, esp. for shared lists of lists.

Presently, I would only use the list-note as the container for a list-item-with-a-note which I turn into its own list. I did that and the list item’s note disappeared. I expected it to be somehow connected to the new list.

It’s not critical for me, I just wondered where the item-note went when the item got turned into a list.

When you create a list with xx keyboard shortcut, it replaces the current list item with a link to the created list. But the item itself remains. So the notes this extracted list item should have been kept.

I just checked on a separate list item with notes - it works this way.

Could you please check the place were you extracted the list - maybe the notes are still there?


Ah! I thought the note would move to the new extracted list. Yes, I see the notes there, in the location before extraction.


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