No auto-sync on mobile

Hello, I noticed changes are not synced automatically on mobile web page or web app and I need to manually refresh to get the updates.

Is this a known issue?



Thanks, yes, this is a known issue, hope to fix it this year.

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Has this been fixed yet?
I have the following situation on Android in the app: if I start directly on a specific list page, this list does not seem to be updated automatically. If I go back to the page that shows all lists, the sync starts automatically after some time.
However, since I usually work with one specific list on my phone, starting from the main page (that shows all the lists) would be rather impractical.

Is it possible to sync page of a specific list regularly and automatically?

Hello @chrisCV ,

Sorry for the delayed answer, I’m afraid this hasn’t been fixed yet :frowning:
Bumped this up in our TODO for mobile app.

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