New on Beta: navigate anywhere from the Shift-Shift window; reverse sorting

Hello friends,

Today we introduce the next step in the ‘All commands’ window development: the Lists and Locations tab.

On, press Shift-Shift to find any list or a list item with the text and tag search. Press Enter to navigate. The new tab in the Shift-Shift window is called ‘Lists and Locations’. It has replaced the old ll window - and uses the same shortcut.

So now the Shift-Shift window has two tabs: Commands and Lists and locations. You can switch between them with Tab/Shift-Tab.

We’ll be polishing this feature for a while on before moving it to production. As usual, we rely on your thoughts and suggestions (and bug reports, or course).

Play with it, use it - and tell us how to make it better :nerd_face:

Another feature/enhancement you wanted for quite some time - reverse sorting in the ss sort window. See the Reverse order checkbox there, it changes the order of sorting.


Try it out on with your usual credentials.
Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:



The new Lists & Locations feature looks good on the basis of a first try.

One trivial layout issue - the “LISTS” heading is slightly cut off on Firefox (102.0 / Fedora / Wayland). It’s fine on Chrome.

Thanks @crispinb , will try to check the layout on Linux (on Mac in FF it is fine).

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It appears “AA” does not open Commands?

Hmm, it does for me, how do I reproduce the problem?

Hi @maxkir,

Follow these repro steps:

  • Navigate to the [Lists home page] (click on the Checkvist logo in the upper left corner or execute “gh”)
  • Once on the [Lists home page] execute command: “aa” or “AA” and observe nothing is triggered.
  • On the other hand, executing command: “ll” (on the [Lists home page]) will show the [Find and navigate menu] with an active [Lists and locations] tab
  • my assumption would be that executing “aa” on the [Lists home page] would also open the [Find and navigate menu] as there are [Commands] available when selecting the [Commands] tab.

Hello @crispinb ,

May I ask you to take another look? I’ve probably fixed that, but I’m not 100% sure and don’t have access to Linux VM at the moment.


Hello @jeroen,

Thanks a lot for the details.

I’ve added support for aa shortcut to the home screen, too. The list of actions there is a bit trivial by default, but still. We should improve the list there somehow.

Kind regards,

@maxkir Jeez that’s quick! Awesome response. Thank you.

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Confirmed @maxkir - it’s looking good on Firefox/Linux now. Thanks.

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It’s good to have it there. :+1:

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Maybe I missed an update somewhere in this new navigation scheme. When moving items to a new list using the mm command, you used to be able to use the right arrow to enter that list and move an item into that sub-item. Has that functionality been removed?

Hello Robert,

The new UI does not allow to use arrow right, the full-text search is supposed to find the target item.

But looks like the previous behaviour was useful, so we’ll try to bring it back, too.

Kind regards,



We’ve started adding back the arrow right/left to the mm and shift shift, to navigate deeper into the sub-item/sub-list (on

It is not the final version yet, your suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:



Hello folks,

We’ve made another couple of improvements (mostly, UI polishing) regarding the possibility to dive into the item. Would appreciate if you check it out :slight_smile:

Going to publish it to production this week if everything is fine :crossed_fingers:



Thanks for bringing back the option navigate into sub-lists from the Shift-Shift menu. Works well.

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