New on Beta: navigate anywhere from the Shift-Shift window; reverse sorting

Hello friends,

Today we introduce the next step in the ‘All commands’ window development: the Lists and Locations tab.

On, press Shift-Shift to find any list or a list item with the text and tag search. Press Enter to navigate. The new tab in the Shift-Shift window is called ‘Lists and Locations’. It has replaced the old ll window - and uses the same shortcut.

So now the Shift-Shift window has two tabs: Commands and Lists and locations. You can switch between them with Tab/Shift-Tab.

We’ll be polishing this feature for a while on before moving it to production. As usual, we rely on your thoughts and suggestions (and bug reports, or course).

Play with it, use it - and tell us how to make it better :nerd_face:

Another feature/enhancement you wanted for quite some time - reverse sorting in the ss sort window. See the Reverse order checkbox there, it changes the order of sorting.


Try it out on with your usual credentials.
Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:



The new Lists & Locations feature looks good on the basis of a first try.

One trivial layout issue - the “LISTS” heading is slightly cut off on Firefox (102.0 / Fedora / Wayland). It’s fine on Chrome.

Thanks @crispinb , will try to check the layout on Linux (on Mac in FF it is fine).

It appears “AA” does not open Commands?

Hmm, it does for me, how do I reproduce the problem?

Hi @maxkir,

Follow these repro steps:

  • Navigate to the [Lists home page] (click on the Checkvist logo in the upper left corner or execute “gh”)
  • Once on the [Lists home page] execute command: “aa” or “AA” and observe nothing is triggered.
  • On the other hand, executing command: “ll” (on the [Lists home page]) will show the [Find and navigate menu] with an active [Lists and locations] tab
  • my assumption would be that executing “aa” on the [Lists home page] would also open the [Find and navigate menu] as there are [Commands] available when selecting the [Commands] tab.

Hello @crispinb ,

May I ask you to take another look? I’ve probably fixed that, but I’m not 100% sure and don’t have access to Linux VM at the moment.


Hello @jeroen,

Thanks a lot for the details.

I’ve added support for aa shortcut to the home screen, too. The list of actions there is a bit trivial by default, but still. We should improve the list there somehow.

Kind regards,

@maxkir Jeez that’s quick! Awesome response. Thank you.

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Confirmed @maxkir - it’s looking good on Firefox/Linux now. Thanks.

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