New feature request - headings

i’m long time user and i think it would be really great to support headings, or even mark an item as a heading.

Headings must be deleted manually so when all the sub-tasks for the heading are completed, the heading remains.

I find myself constantly having to re-create “heading” items because i complete the last remaining task and Checkvist automatically gets rid of the top item (which if we could flag it as a “heading” would not happen)

thank you

You can in fact mark items as headings. Either by using mh (for “markdown header”) or by beginning an item with ##. This just renders the item with a bigger and bolder font style than normal items. The behaviour when closing the child items remains the same, as far as I could test.

You can adjust the behaviour with the setting Close parent task when the last child is closed (Settings > Personal settings) but, again, that setting works for all items, regardless of a heading or non-heading item.

Have you checked that out?


I keep a “placeholder” item as the first child under certain recurring “headings”. Yes, this adds an extra item, but it prevents the heading from being closed when the last “real” child is closed. It also makes it easy to add new items after the placeholder.


that’s exactly what i’ve been doing too … but i have dozens of sub-headings so this isn’t ideal

oh man, thank you. That works nicely:

[ ] Close parent task when the last child is closed

I tried markdown using ## but it looks weird but the other suggestion above worked very well thanks so much for helping.

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I would love to see this as a list-specific option so I could turn it on for some lists, and maybe not for others.

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