New color, new website - redesign works part 2

Hello, friends,

This is a small tiny notice announcing that Checkvist has got new colours and a new website.

Checkvist wore deep red for about a decade.
Time to change for something cleaner, crisper, and fresher.

But re-designing a running app is like changing tires while driving. If by chance the new update breaks your UI customization, or if you experience a bug, please write to us. We’ll help, fix, and repair everything.

Back to work :nerd_face:


Congratulations on the launch of the new web site! And the messaging isn’t shy of putting front and center some of the things that a lot of us love about Checkvist, even if others might consider them “too geeky”, like the keyboard-centric UI or the use of Markdown.

And as a “One More Thing”, you have the new logo, and blue accent color. The logo keeps its distinctive “inverted v”, but leaves out the gradient, and make the line items much more subtle. Overall, to me, it just looks much better. And this is especially the case on iOS for the PWA icon, where the new icon is much, much better.

As far as going from red to blue, I can’t say anything objective about it, but I just like it. It feels invigorating, like a fresh new start.

Job well done!


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Thanks a lot for the kind words! The site redesign was a tough project, and we’re glad what we have now :slight_smile:

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