My personal version of Checkvist

I know that this forum is focused mostly on feature requests, bug reports, etc., but I thought it’d be cool to have a place where users could share their personal CSS customization for Checkvist specifically. Does such a place exist and am I just unaware of it? My version included here differs only slightly from the public samples managed by admins. It’s main additional feature is that it supports a monospace font, with uniform font size and sub-items indented by 3 characters exactly.

.zenBgImage {
background-image: none;

@import url(‘’);

.list-h1, .userContent {
font-family: ‘Courier Prime’;

ul.topLevel li.task, ul.topLevel ul li.task {
font-size: 14px; /* Makes all lines the same size /
font-weight: normal; /
and weight */
padding-left: 2px

div.nodeImage {
top: 3px; /* Adjust the collapse/expand triangle */

.editable, .editableList { line-height: 1; }
div.coreDiv, .editable { padding-top: 1px; padding-bottom: 1px;}

.authorPic, ul.comments table.commentTable td.authorPic {
display: none;
ul.comments div.coreNote {
margin-left: 0;


Also, since I know “due time” is a nagging issue, here’s my very low tech fix: A white clock icon associated with a disappearing tag (#TOD). I begin tasks with their time in military syntax (0815; 1430; 1800; etc.) This also built on content from the CSS customization page.

.topLevel .tag.tag_TOD {

.tag_TOD .userContent:before {
content: “\f017”; /* An icon from the Font Awesome library */
font-family: FontAwesome;
color: white;
font-size: 14px;
padding-right: 5px;

Thanks for sharing !

I still need som time to configure my CheckVist, but would be appy to share it later on !


Regarding due time - if you integrate your tasks with Google Calendar, you can use an undocumented hack: include “at 18:00” as a part of task text, and this time will be used as a start of the event in Google Calendar.

Could be useful :slight_smile: