My life organised vs Checkvist


I’ve read on several forums how great My life organised is. I’ve even read about it on the Checkvist forum. I have read that a Checkvist user has switched to My life organised. I have also tried My life organised.

A software is good if it is INSTANTLY transparent. For example, Clickup is complex but clear. My life organised does a lot of things. But it is chaotic. I might as well use Clickup. And then I would be back to where I was. That is, I’m just playing with the software instead of working on it. And I can’t move forward because the software is limiting me. The software doesn’t help me, it limits me. And many people forget that!

The other thing I saw in the My life organised after the chaos was the lack of shortcuts. And the lack of CSS. Well, here I immediately stopped testing! I couldn’t stand this software for long. Because I don’t want to click with my mouse. I want to work. I want the software to serve me. Not me to serve the software because of a bad user interface. The software is for me. I want the software to serve me. For the software to work for me.

I have spent years looking for project manager software that is good. I have tried every software known to man over the years. There were online software where I was a subscriber. And I practiced with all of them and learned everything for several months. So I could see which software was which.

Well, My life organised is the worst software. It’s the most opaque software. This software is very bad thinking. It is an overcomplicated software. It’s an opaque software. I have never seen such bad software in my life.

Checkvist wins again! No other software comes close to what Checkvist can do. Workflowy or any of the others. Because I have tried all the outline software too.

I have been learning with Checkvist since October. From January 2024 I will be able to use Checkvist at a basic level on a daily basis. I have never seen a better than Checkvist in my life.

I have been a computer user since Mac OS 8. And I’ve worked with a lot of software. But I have never seen better software than Checkvist. I’ve worked as a programmer myself. So I can see through things. Checkvist is the best, the simplest, the most versatile software.

Thank you Sashika and KIR. You are a miracle to me. I am so grateful that you two have created the best project management software on earth. I thank you.


I totally agree! I’ve tried My life organized, Clickup and many others, but Checkvist wins every time.

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