Moving a task to a different list

I wish it was easier to navigate to other lists. I can currently type ll to see the lists panel, but when I open it, what is selected is the last list where a task was moved from. I think it would make more sense (and save me a keystroke) if it was the last previously accessed list.

An alternative/complementary approach would be to assign a shortcut to going to the previous/next accessed list.

There is a related issue when moving tasks to other lists. Pressing mm on a task shows the list panel but it shouldn’t include the current list (sometimes the first option to move a task will be the same list where it’s currently placed). Also, instead of showing the last list where a task was moved from, it should be the last list where a task was moved to.

Another minor thing: I’ve noticed that order of lists that show up in the list panel don’t update in the same session. I have to refresh the page first.

Hello @nacho,

Thanks for your comments!

Actually, Checkvist does not track the access time of a person to a list, we only record the modification time. Adding the access time would be a bit overkill, I think. At least until we have other reasons than sorting in ll popup.

Have you considered using the browser back/forward keyboard shortcuts for navigating pages? On Mac, it is something like Cmd [ Cmd ]. It helps me sometimes.

It is there because you can move the task into the same list but in a different position/branch.

I’m not sure I follow you here, sorry. Basically, the list is sorted according to timestamps of recent modifications (same as ll).
But honestly, we consider reworking navigations popups like ll and mm to allow selecting not only lists but list items as well, with filter/search. We think this would be more useful than the hierarchical approach used in mm popup now.

We’ll try to address this when reworking the location choosers I mentioned above.

Thanks for the feedback!