Move to end of List


“CTRL + End” moves items to the bottom of the list (the very end).

If you are in a “focused” section (branch) of the list the task will be moved to the end of the branch (outside the focus) but not the very end of the list.

Is this intended in this way or should the task not be moved to the very end of the entire list, nevertheless focused?This would be my prefered way and it would be according to the description (“move to list bottom”).

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It was done intentionally. This action assumes that the selection stays on the moved item. And if we move this item to the bottom of the list, out of the focused node, we need to unfocus the list, too. And this would be rather unexpected.

There is no easy way to move the list item to the very bottom of the list. As a workaround, you may create an “Archive” node at the bottom of the list and use mm shortcut to move items there. This command does not keep the selection on the moved item and offers a search to find a target item to move the item to.

Would it work for you?


Hello KIR,

thanks a lot.

Your workaround is a good one !!!

Embarrassing that I didn’t think of it myself :slight_smile:


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