Move a subitem to the unexpanded previous or next parent

If I use the mp or mn commands the item moves to the previous or next parent only if that parent is expanded or also if the parent does not contain any subitems.

Would you consider evaluating the possibility that this move could include non-expanded parents? I mean if I use mp and the previous parent is not expanded, the item being moved could go to that previous parent.

This behavior of moving or not moving to the unexpanded parent could be an option, an account setting.


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Hello Francisco,

Do I understand correctly that you’d like to mp to work the same way as
Tab - which will expand the collapsed parent and moves the item under it?

Would this work as a workaround?

So far I’d rather restrain from adding such a specific option - just because adding each option makes settings UI more cluttered.


Yeah, that’s exact.

Yes, it would serve as a workaround. The proposed new behavior would only speed up movement.

I imagine it’s a difficult issue to find the right compromise between offering flexibility and simplicity in the interface.

No problem, thanks for your response.