Money tag to count costs (or any numbers)

I would like to have the ability to add simple money tag to track costs of projects or shopping lists. It could work very similar as the time tag, but instead of time, it counts money (or any numbers). For example the syntax could be following:

Shopping list

 milk €0,93

 cheese €7

 car €10k

 selling the old car €-3k

This would show the sum of subtasks in the Shopping list’s row. It is fairly irrelevant which currency symbol you use, or is it a currency symbol at all. All it needs to do is add and substract numbers.

Note that ¤ is the unspecified currency sygn.
It is represented in Unicode as U+00A4 CURRENCY SIGN and in HTML as ¤.
Currency characters, such as $ , , ¥ , have Unicode property \p{Currency_Symbol} = \p{Sc} .

Yes I know that. This is why I told the actual symbol to be used used is less relevant than the actual functionality, as the feature would basically be just a tag that gets added up or substracted. One could use the function to add up costs and the other could sum up something completely different, like numbers of pieces.

The only problem with using generic currency sign as the triggering character is that it is not commonly found on default mobile phone keyboards.

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Yes, exactly.

My notes were more for the implementers – that it would probably be as easy to allow for all currency signs (even if treated as synonyms: $1 + €2 = ¤3) as it would be to pick one.

I agree that treating different currency symbols as synonymous would be a good overall solution.

Or maybe the different symbols could behave the same, but different currencies gets added in as separate. So one could use them to add in different things in the same list (apart from money too, I mean). Let’s say I use euro sign for counting the money spent and dollar sign for adding up selling prices and they won’t get mixed up. That’s not mandatory however and I don’t know if that seems too complicated for other users.

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Keeping dollars and euros as separate tallies is certainly the right answer for the user.

Treating dollars and euros as synonyms was just to prove that, for exactly the same development effort as limiting yourself to a single count with a single $ symbol, you could match the currency character class and not choose sides on that issue.

And hopefully, it’s mostly reusing the time-tracking code.

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I agree. It seems there are at least two of us, who see this potential feature the same way. Now let’s just hope this will get implemented as it’d be extremely useful for myself at least. :slight_smile: