Mobile site not syncing

Hi, the last couple of days the mobile site doesn’t seem to be syncing at all. Is this a known bug that is being actively worked on?

Hello Nigel,

May I ask you to help us debug the problem by following debug guidelines on the profile page of
We’re not aware of a case when data does not sync the way you describe.


I’ve just pressed the “Send logs to developers” button. (One error was found.) Let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Now that I can replicate it by having a full and mobile tabs open on the browser at the same time it is clearer that there seems to be a significant delay in the syncing of the changes of the list on the full site to the mobile site. Thanks for the support. Nigel.

Hello Nigel,

Sorry for the delayed answer. At the moment there is no automatic update of tasks on mobile site when there are changes on the full version. If you navigate to the list page, it will be updated, but if you stay on the page, it won’t refresh when new changes are coming.

Unfortunately, I did not notice a error in the log. Could you please try clearing caches in the app? The corresponding action should be available from the User profile/App version and caches page.

Hope this helps,