Mm feature in mobile app

Without this, I have to rely on the desktop interface to organize, and I am often away from my machine for days.

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Hello, I was searching for a similar topic : to post .

So I completely agree : One main advantage of using the mobile version could /should be to be able to collect new task to the inbox /and to move them from the Inbox to the dedicated lists. Even a “one-by-one” moving option would still be better than no moving option at all.

Because when you are in the plane with plenty time available but not Internet connection, it makes totally sense to use it to sort and move task in your Task outliner. Even if it is 50% less effective as on computer.

Or is there a other possibility to move a task from a list to a other within the Mobile version ?

Hello folks,

I’m afraid currently there is no way to move a task with subtasks between lists on Mobile app.
The most relevant feature in our uservoice forum is probably this one, please vote.


Hello, I guess the following feature is what we were speaking about I have upvoted it.

Is this feature development on the Checkvist roadmap ? Thanks

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