Missing opportunity: too manay tabs? -> Save to checkvist

I am always amazed when I see friends having 42 open tabs or more.
Doesn’t seem very efficient to me.

Sure but what does this have to do with checkvist you may ask?
Just think about it:
What those open tabs but just a bunch of URLs and titles that are waiting to be better oganized?

A bunch of open tabs for example are just a list of articles they plan to read → they could move to Checkvist > READING_LIST. From there you could mark articles are read, prioritize, use colors, whatever, just awesome.

Another set are tasks to do for work → they could be moved to Checkvist > Work-TODO
Same for home tasks.
You get the idea.

So what is missing for checkvist to solve the “too many tabs” problems?

Some marketing targeting people with too many tabs.

And a technical improvment: the Save to checkvist browser extension should be able to work on all tabs of an open windowed, not only on the current tab like today.


There is nothing missing from CheckVist for this. However the multiple tabs are often a sign of idle browsing. There is always too much to do. If you open a tab and don’t use it, this probably is something that you would not miss if you just closed it. To me the main problem in life if prioritising and getting things done (incuding relaxation). CheckVist might just create one of those 100 books “you should read” but don’t. This may sound rude, but answering this post is not high on my priorities, but it is a Sunday!


I disagree with you. I have to work 14 hours a day on my project, and it is common for there to be over 40 tabs, which is a way to prioritize and organize.

I welcome this idea.

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Great idea.

Do you have a link for the browser extension, please?


Not a bad idea. I often keep a bunch of tabs open for a given project, consisting of reference materials etc, and being able to quickly pop those into a checkvist list is something I’d probably use.

Whether this would be better implemented as a new extension rather than adding complexity to the existing clipper, which is very nicely focused as it is, is an open question in my mind.

Anyway, that aside, @jmfayard as a workaround for the time being there are extensions that can copy urls for all existing tabs as markdown. Then you can paste the generated in to Checkvist. An example for Firefox is Save Tab URLs to Markdown – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US), but there are Chrome equivalents.

Relatedly, you know what would be nice, and that might belong in Checkvist itself? An equivalent of gg, that when performed on a parent item, opens all the urls in child items (probably in a new browser window). That way you could keep a list of urls associated with a project in Checkvist, and open them all at once.


That’s correct, I currently copy-as-markdown which works for both Firefox and Chrome

But that would be neat to have in the checkvist browser extension directly!

@RobertW has a point though. Someone who currently has hundreds of articles to read later as open tags, and would put those hudnred articles in a “Reading list” checkvist entry would just move the problem to another place. What I do is that I have the discipline to check the start of the article to assert whether I really want to read it later or not.


CheckVist is much better than other tab managers, though, because you can easily prioritize, sort. categorize, make notes, set due dates, etc. So if I get too many tabs on a topic it is easy for me to go through them in CheckVist and get rid of the ones I don’t need, and recategorize ones that I do.

Hello friends,

Thanks for the interesting suggestion. Now, the gg command opens all links in all selected items (you may need to enable popups for the checkvist.com site in your browser, otherwise it won’t work).

Also, we’ve added the “Add all tabs” command in the webclippers. It is already available in the FireFox webclipper, and we’re awaiting for the update moderation from the Google Web Store.

Please let us know how it works for you :slight_smile:

Happy New Year,

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