`mh` is adding unlimited number of `#`

Used to be only 2 heading levels, I’m pretty sure. One for the top level items, the next one for everything else. that’s why the Settings dropdown only lists up to H5. Today mh is adding an unlimited number of # - the deeper you are in the list, the more.

I like multiple heading levels, but it’s gotta stop at H6.

Hello @rubaboo ,

Thanks, there is indeed some bug in this command. So far I cannot reproduce it reliably, the command works fine in most cases. Do you have precise steps on how to reproduce this behaviour?

Anyway, will try to try harder and fix it.

Thanks a lot!

IDK, I just found it not working. No particular steps, simply doing mh on an item a few levels deep and ending up with a row of #. I’ll try to see if there is any pattern to it, if it’s limited to one list, etc. Because It was working a few days ago.

Yep, and we did not change anything since then, so it is a bit strange. I tried to reproduce it again - no luck yet. Could you record a loom or allow me to access/copy your list where the problem reproduces?