Marking repeating tasks as "done" once due

I am a bit confused as to how to use repeating tasks. Say I have a “take out trash to the curb” that repeats once a week on Wednesday. Wednesday comes, and the task shows in my due list for today. Good. Now, once I’ve taken the trash to the curb, what I am supposed to do so the task doesn’t show in due list anymore?

If I delete it, as I do for most of the tasks I create, I imagine that the task won’t repeat. Should I mark the task done, and it will automatically “undo” itself next week when Wednesday comes?


Hello Alex,

You should mark the task “Done” and it will be re-opened with the next Wednesday due either withing an hour, or later, if you use “Generate X days before the next due date” option. You can use “hide completed” option if you don’t see the completed tasks in the list.

Hope this helps,

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Perfect, this clarifies it!

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Would be great if you could press “nd” (next due?) and that would set the date to the next time it’s due, without making the task disappear. I can then “rf” to make it disappear (assuming I’m searching for ^now for example).