Markdown Table text not render as a table


I’m trying to create a Markdown table, but regardless my text is not formatted. Yes, I have Markdown enabled for my list. Bold and Italics work fine. Other markdown text renders fine, but just not my table.

| int | id |
|string|comment (tooltip)|


Hi @jasonvogel, try this small change to your text:

| int | id |
omit this line which I added to allow you to see the next line - otherwise, it renders as a table
|string|comment (tooltip)|




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I had a bugger of a time getting tables to work too, until I realised I have to press Shift-Enter in the first line to create a multi-line item. So the entire table is in one item - as opposed to each row of the table being a separate item.


Checkvist renders each list item separately, that’s why you need to put the whole table into the single list item.

Probably if we implement split and merge features, that would ease table reorganizing in a way you tried.


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Those sound like cool features. But in my case I think I would just clarify the documentation.

In the Checkvist: Reference Smart Syntax and Markdown section it just says:

GitHub Tables are also supported!

with a link to the GitHub documentation - at the end, right before the PRO Features section.

Earlier in the doc, in the List items it says to use Shift-Enter to add a sub-item.

So somehow you should explain that creating a table means using sub-items for each row so that the entire table is in one item. Maybe even describe the first few steps and add an image?



Ah, this was the issue. Needed, the “|-|-|-|”.

@maxkir This is unfortunate, but this is NOT required in “ordinary” Markdown.


As far as I know, there are no tables in “ordinary” Markdown. Or I missed something?


Nope, you’re right. I am mistaken. I thought the line break ["|-|-|"] was optional, but it’s required.


Apparently, in my case, I should just wait until the next day and then realise the answer is in the documentation!

Checkvist: Reference - List Items then scroll down to Edit list items and Multi-line text.



Hello, thanks for pointing out to a usability issue!
Tried to make the Markdown table explanation in the (?) window a bit clearer

As for the illustration, there are many table examples, maybe it would be better to consult the linked GitHub reference?