Mac Automator service to add tasks from selected text by keyboard shortcut

I’m not sure whether this will be helpful to anyone else. Here’s a way of using Applescript and Automator to quickly add selected text within macOS to Checkvist via email. When Automator launches to create a new document, choose to create a service and set the options as shown below. I’m including a screenshot and the content of the script, which needs to have the email address updated before using. This worked for me on macOS 10.14.3 with the included Automator 2.9 and Mail 12.2. The file goes into the ~/Library/Services folder, and below is the screenshot of how to set a keyboard shortcut once you have some text selected.

on run {taskBody, parameters}
	set checkVistAddress to ""
	tell application "Mail"
		set createdEmail to make new outgoing message
		tell createdEmail
			make new to recipient with properties {name:"Inbox", address:checkVistAddress}
			set subject to taskBody
		end tell
	end tell
	return taskBody
end run

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Hello, thanks a lot for sharing! I hope this hint would be useful to our users, we’ll try to promote it a bit :slight_smile: